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"Could these symptoms be caused by lyme disease?"


I have been treated for a sinus infection for the last 2 years.... Because symptoms are as follows Headache Eye twitching.. Soreness behind eyes Swollen lymph node on neck Achy muscles mostly in legs. Extremely fatigued Now the antibiotics do get rid of headaches and the lymph node goes down a little I had a CT scan and no brain tumor... Also he sad everything looks good... Still getting hradaches and all that crap antibiotics never really get rid of this it comes right back or well the symptoms do.. Could these symptoms be caused by lymes disease....


Thank you for your question. I suggest that you speak with your doctor. Lyme disease is a disease that is not unheard of in certain parts of the US.

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That being said, it is far from common and is not often the cause of patient's complaints. Doctors like to think about it because it can cause a wide range of symptoms, and is something that can be treated if properly diagnosed. Unfortunately, it is difficult for me to say if your symptoms are due to Lyme disease, but your doctor should be able to have that discussion with you. If he or she feels it is appropriate, there is testing that can be done and can help in some instances to let you know if you are having long term consequences from that sort of infection. Your doctor may not feel that this sort of testing is appropriate, however, and may recommend that you have different testing or see a specialist who may be able to help with the medical problems that you are describing. Please speak with your doctor about your question and what the next steps should be for your situation.

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