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"How low can blood iron level get before it becomes dangerous?"


I am a 52 y.o. female with hysterectomy and LSO on 18Jul2013. Iron level per blood test was "35" a month ago and is now "6".


It sounds like you're iron is still fairly low. It is hard for me to tell exactly how well without units attached to the numbers you provided so it is important to be evaluated by your primary care physician. However, assuming that it is low, you require further testing.

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When somebody comes in with iron deficiency anemia (assuming you have anemia) there is a standard workup that must be done. If you still had a uterus, then one of the first questions that you should be asked is how much you bleed during menstruation. This is one of the most common causes of iron deficiency. Since you do not have a uterus this is not the issue. Another possibility is that you are bleeding from somewhere else. The most common place to bleed other than through heavy menstruation is through the gastrointestinal tract. If you're stools have become bloody or black and tarry this could indicate that you have a bleed somewhere in your gastrointestinal tract and losing blood and in turn loses iron. Thus, the first step is for you to have an evaluation by your primary care physician. He or she will perform blood test to see if you are anemic. In addition you can have a repeat iron studies to see how low your iron level is. Finally, you'll have to have your stool tested for occult blood which can help determine whether or not you are

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