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"Why do my wrists feel like they're going to fall off?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy do my wrists feel like they're going to fall off?


I am a 22 year old healthy female. Since having my first daughter 2 yrs ago My body is so delicate - doctors say that's normal. I went to hospital about pain in the back of my head and neck with wrists hurting .. I then saw a neurologist and was diagnosed with carpel tunnel and had an operation on my left hand. Since then no symptoms have changed apart from the tingling. I wake up every morning aching everywhere, especially my neck and wrists.. My wrists feel like there going to fall off, literally. I also get the odd headache and hot and cold sweats in morning and through the night. I have no energy at all and I find it so hard to do everyday chores especially washing up. I've noticed that I naturally pick my daughter up by putting my arms under her armpits -I also have hyper mobile syndrome if that helps.


Thanks for your question. Your symptoms could have numerous causes, and there are some clues that we may need to discuss further. The fact that you mention that all of your symptoms started after having your daughter suggests a couple of different possibilities, some of which center around that event. Many changes can potentially happen, and some of these can leave a mother feeling drained in many different ways. In addition to the amount of energy that it takes to have and raise a child, a mother's body can become deficient in vitamins, minerals, and other important things. Anemia, for example, can be a problem during some child birth, and other medical problems can also ensue. Having an adequate checkup with your PCP or OB/GYN is important to make sure that you are and have fully recovered. In addition to being drained physically, having a baby can make you drained emotionally. That emotional drainage can take a toll on your physical well being. Finally, there are many other things that can cause these symptoms. Your hypermobility suggests the possibility of issues with joints that can cause symptoms and could require further investigation. Again, please speak with your doctor.

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