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"Is it safe to take Methrotexate 2.5mg and Baclofen 10mg while pregnant?"

ZocdocAnswersIs it safe to take Methrotexate 2.5mg and Baclofen 10mg while pregnant?


im pregnant for 6 weeks now i take before i know i take medicine


Both of these medications have significant issues with pregnancy, but the methotrexate is by far the much bigger and more urgent question in you. Methotrexate is a pregnancy category X medication. This means that it should not be taken during pregnancy and is known to cause birth defects. The reason for this is that it can disrupt brain development. I will say though that in certain circumstances very low doses of methotrexate are allowed in pregnancy if the use provides benefits that significantly outweigh the risks. This is the conversation that you will need to have with your doctor. I would say that if you felt that going off the methotrexate would be okay for the next nine months and then almost certainly your doctor will recommend that you stop the medication. The baclofen is less of an issue but again the risks of remaining on baclofen need to be weighed against his benefits. I would suggest that you schedule an appointment with an OB/GYN. This is the type of doctor that has the best knowledge about what medications can be taken during pregnancy. The two of you need to discuss what medications you should continue to take and what medications he should stop. This conversation might need to occur with your rheumatologist or whoever is prescribing your methotrexate.

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