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"Could this be herpes?"

ZocdocAnswersCould this be herpes?


Last week I kept having a very itchy anus. Soon after, a vertical "thong-like" open sore appeared that ran from the middle of my butt crack to the top of my anus. It looked as if there was a split forming. It made it painful to separate my cheeks. I also developed a UTI. I noticed that once the sore started to heal, little bumps started to form around the sore. I also had a tiny cluster of bumps on my actual butt cheek.the bumps do not hurt, but feel slightly itchy when touched. I thought the sore was due to recent over-use of thongs, but now I'm not so sure. Could this be herpes or a coincidence? I'm very good at psyching myself out with these sort of things. I do plan on going to get tested once I have the money. But for now, any information will help allot


You should schedule an appointment with your primary care physician. While I certainly can't be sure without looking at it myself, your symptoms do not sound like a herpes infection. First, the location of this "open source" is not very typical of a herpes infection. In addition, herpes lesions are usually not described as open source. Your lesion sounds more like an abrasion due to increased itching of the anal area. Herpes lesions tend to show up in small groups and have a painful burning quality to them. People that have herpes outbreaks complained of tingling, burning, and oftentimes a fever just before seeing an outbreak on the skin. Occasionally the symptoms occur without even seeing an outbreak on the skin. Without these other symptoms, it seems unlikely that this is a herpes infection. If you haven't gotten this checked out yet, I would suggest that you do. Again, you should schedule an appointment with your primary care physician. If the lesion is gone by the time you get evaluated, then your doctor could consider doing a blood test to look for antibodies for HSV-2. If these were negative, then you could be very confident that this is not a herpes infection. If it is positive, and this shows that you were exposed to the herpes virus at some point and you should be more attuned to potential symptoms arising.

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