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"I have left shoulder blade sensations, tingling etc. and my right ear hurts. What could be wrong?"

ZocdocAnswersI have left shoulder blade sensations, tingling etc. and my right ear hurts. What could be wrong?


I have had brain scans/mri from brain leisions a few months ago but second one was good so no one is worried. Have had h pylori and was on antibiotics three times as my symptoms (shoulder, lower stomach pain) keep coming back. Doctor said ear looks good and brushes off the rest


Sorry to hear about your problem. It is hard to say exactly what could be causing your symptoms without more information, so it is important to speak with your doctor. Your age and other health problems are a vital part of understanding what is likely to be causing your current symptoms, as all of these things are often related and can thus provide valuable information. The ear pain that you are describing can have a number of different sources. The ear is innervated by many different nerves, and so almost any problem of the head and neck can result in ear pain sooner or later, which is often referred pain. Shoulder blade pain is also a pain that can be referred from elsewhere, and so it is hard to pinpoint exactly where the problem is coming from. As for the tingling, there are many different possible explanations, and so it is difficult to pin down a cause without more information. Most often, these sort of things tend to have a single explanation, although that is not always the case. Speaking with your doctor can be helpful to understand what further testing may be valuable. A referral to different specialists such a neurologist can also provide valuable information. Please speak with your doctor.

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