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"Is C4 Extreme bad if taken in moderation? "

ZocdocAnswersIs C4 Extreme bad if taken in moderation?


Can I take it in moderation? It really helps me work out.


The C4 creatine supplement product is like any supplement product--it can have negative effects on your health depending upon how it is used. If you have concerns about a supplement or questions about health and fitness, the best place to start is with your primary care physician. Although some supplements may not be particularly harmful, it is important to realize that many supplements can have negative or even dangerous effects on your health. As supplements are not considered medications, they are not regulated in the same way as over-the-counter or prescription medications are monitored by the FDA thus there is always the possibility of contamination with substances that could be harmful. Supplements used by body-builders are particularly prone to causing problems, as many of these products contain things like anabolic steroids which can have significantly adverse effects on physiologic hormone production or even induce liver injury. Extremely high protein supplements can also be problematic if used in supra-physiologic amounts for an extended period of time because of the negative effects on the kidneys (which have to filter all of the protein that is absorbed). Overall, the safest thing for you to do is go over your fitness and nutrition program with your doctor to make sure you are making wise choices.

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