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"Twitching above upper left lip and eyebrow. Should I worry about it?"

ZocdocAnswersTwitching above upper left lip and eyebrow. Should I worry about it?


It started couple of weeks ago above left upper lip, and lasted four days. It started again two days ago and today with my left eye brow. Has happen other body parts but only bothers me when its the upper lip area.


Thanks for your question. There are several reasons for muscles and body parts to twitch and move in abnormal patterns and without obvious stimulation, so I recommend that you speak with your doctor. One of the most common reasons for this sort of change is fatigue. This is why some people can reproduce these symptoms similar to what you describe by using a particular muscle group. Another possible explanation is a benign firing of the muscle fibers that can be triggered by nerves or can be started spontaneously within the muscle itself. Blepharospam, or contraction of some of the muscles that surround the eye, is not uncommon, and is one of the common reasons that people will speak to an ophthalmologist, facial plastic surgeon, or ear nose and throat surgeon. There are treatments that are available to help with these twitches, once it has been determined that there is not another cause or explanation for what you are experiencing. It is important to speak with your doctor about it, because in rare cases it can stem from either neurologic conditions or other problems that are stimulating the nerves and muscles nearby. If it is determined that there is no sinister cause, Botox works very well for some people. Please speak with your doctor.

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