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"What is this sudden build-up of thick green mucus up in my throat?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat is this sudden build-up of thick green mucus up in my throat?


I have never had any issues before. Recently I have been getting a weird sensation whenever i talk like I want to gag and I can feel something stuck up in my throat. If I talk or wait, it comes into my throat but is so thick and sticky I cant do anything to get it out because it is stuck to the back of my throat and I either have to swallow it after gagging for 30 mins or if it does come loose, retch it out. Once its out I feel clear again but I can feel it almost immediately starting to build up again. I have no idea what is causing this because I havnt had a cold or have any other symptoms other than my lymph nodes swelling around my ears and neck. It is becoming really stressful now because its happening everyday for months at a time and I have no idea what to do . Please help


So sorry to hear about your symptoms. These are certainly abnormal, and not something that should be ignored. Your doctor will likely be able to help you with these symptoms, fortunately. So please discuss your concern with your doctor. Increased mucous production is usually a sign that the mucosa of the body is trying to defend itself from some sort of irritation. One of the most common causes of this irritation is post nasal drainage, and so treating post nasal drainage can be helpful. Sometimes this may require visiting a rhinologist, who is a subspecialist within the field of otolaryngology-head and neck surgery (AKA ENT). Another common explanation for increased mucous is gastric reflux disease, which can chronically irritate the back of the throat and lead to increased mucous. Some people will say that this improves over the course of the day, but is associated with a bitter taste in the mouth upon waking up. This is something that can sometimes be treated empirically, meaning that your doctor may try treating reflux on the chance that it might make your symptoms better and it is a common explanation. There are many other explanations as well, and so speaking with your doctor about this is likely a good start. Again, please speak with your doctor.

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