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"What are yellow fever risks for pregnant women?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat are yellow fever risks for pregnant women?


i am pregnant and my partner is getting a yellow fever vaccine tomorrow. what are the risks for me as far as having sexual or other contact with him, and within what time-frame after his shot? thanks


This is an interesting question. Yellow Fever vaccinations and information about them is available on the CDC website and I recommend discussing your concern with your doctor. More information is available at the time of the vaccination, depending on how it is given, in the various handouts that are available. Finally, the manufacturer of the vaccine will have answers to these questions available, as will the doctor or healthcare professional who is administering the vaccine. Depending on where you get the vaccine, the vaccine itself may be slightly different, although there is only one version available in the US. The vaccine utilized in the US is a live attenuated virus, meaning that the virus is alive. There have been rare reports of reactions to this virus, and so it is important to discuss all of this with your health care provider. There are no well controlled trials examining the questions that you are asking, and so you will need to weigh the pros and cons of your question and determine what the best step should be in this situation. Your doctor who is assisting you with the pregnancy will be able to help you weigh the information and arrive at the best decision of how to protect your unborn child and your partner. Please speak with your doctor.

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