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"Is it true that there are bugs inside the pores on your face?"

ZocdocAnswersIs it true that there are bugs inside the pores on your face?


I search on the internet and it told it was called democutix or something


Thank you for your question. The best thing to do is to discuss your question with your doctor or dermatologist. Demodex is the name of the mite that has been noted to live in the pores of our faces. It is quite common, and there is some research that is suggesting that this common bug could be involved in the common reaction of rosacea. Rosacea is a somewhat common skin disorder that causes redness of the face and is most common in middle aged people. There may be a link with stress as well, and there is some thought that there may be a complex reaction between stress, mite burden, and the death and release of feces from the dead mites. It is not clear what the relationship of mites to the disease is at this point, but it is clear that the mites and their presence is not uncommon in the general population. At this point, good hygiene and maintaining overall health can be recommended, as they always are. Speaking with your doctor or dermatologist more about your concerns would also be appropriate, as he or she may be able to make some specific recommendations for you about how to maintain the health of your skin. Please speak with your doctor to stay well.

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