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"A year ago I developed urinary frequency and bladder pressure. Could that be the cause of kidney stones?"

ZocdocAnswersA year ago I developed urinary frequency and bladder pressure. Could that be the cause of kidney stones?


After a cystoscopy doc said everything looked normal. 13 months later I'm having same symptoms after UTI. One doc says its not IC and the other suspects it is. I have 3 kidney stones but they are still in the kidney. Could they be causing issues?


Urinary frequency and bladder pressure are common medical complaints. These issues will need to be evaluated in person by a medical professional. During this evaluation you may want to discuss the following issues. The typical symptoms of kidney stones are pain in the back, nausea, vomiting and blood in the urine. While it is possible kidney stones are causing your symptoms, it is also important to consider other causes. Common causes of urinary frequency include urinary tract infections, problems with the nerves leading to the bladder and certain medications. It sounds like you were evaluated in the past for a UTI, though it would be important to make sure that you currently do not have another UTI (recurrence is common). Problems with the bladder nerves can be caused by damage to the spinal cord, multiple sclerosis and systemic conditions like diabetes. You should be evaluated for these conditions to make sure they are not contributing to your bladder problems. Lastly, check with your doctor to make sure none of the medications or other counter supplements you are taking could be contributing to the problem. Only an in person evaluation with a medical professional can definitively diagnose your condition. I would recommend seeing a urologist for further evaluation.

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