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"Is varicocele a major problem for infertility?"

ZocdocAnswersIs varicocele a major problem for infertility?


my cousin 30yr old,she is married for five years she is suffering from primary infertility. initialy she was diagnosed have pcod.,irregular period was on ocp,laproscopy done six months ago.small cyst over left ovary found and cystotomy done,tube was normal. after that her periods become regular was on clomifine but not conceived.recently a they visited a infrertility clinic sperm analysis done count was 120million,motility 35%,rapid progressive motility nil.normal sperm 5 %.he is having varicocele. they suggestig surgery for that and laproscopy for my cousin is that necessary to do both..plzz reply me doctor


Unfortunately, infertility is a very common challenge for couples. Infertilty can be cause both by female issues, male issues, or with issues in both parties. Therefore, it is correct to have both parties evaluated by a physician and/or a fertility specialist. Your cousin and husband will want to follow up on the results from the sperm analysis with their fertility doctor. There are many causes of male infertility, with varicoele being one possible cause. Infertilty in men, however, can also be caused by hormonal dysfunction, ranging from origins in the hormonal regulation in the brain, to hormones in the testicles. Because your cousin has been thoroughly evaluated for her infertility, it is reasonable to search for causes of infertility in her husband. The presence of varicoele does not necessarily mean that this is the cause for infertility. However, varicoele is present more often in men with abnormal sperm studies. The studies on the repair of varicoele to improve fertility do not always demonstrate that this increases fertility. Many groups do not recommend routine ligation for varicoele for infertile couples, though some studies have a shown an improvement in sperm numbers after surgery. There are many approaches to repair varicoele, the most common is ligation. The couple should proceed as directed by a knowledgable fertility specialist who is able to support their decision and answer the questions you may ask based on this information. While there are risks to all procedures, the best chances for fertility typically include treating fertility problems in both the male and female in the relationship.

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