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"I have a rash and itchy spots all over body and penis. Do I have an STD?"

ZocdocAnswersI have a rash and itchy spots all over body and penis. Do I have an STD?


Hi, I'm 23 yo. I had unprotected sex recently. 4 days after I had sex, I had red spots on my penis. I got really afraid and tested for stds after a week. Everything came back negative. I also saw a physician and he said it was yeast infection. Gave me an over the counter cream. After applying for a week, it was completely gone. Then after about 40 days later, I got a rash all over my body. The doctor said it was some allergic reaction. It went after 3 days. After that I'm getting 1 or 2 spots on hands daily. These spots are itchy and burning. Does not have any puss. Just some raised spots with red circular surface around it. I also had some white blister inside my throat. It came out when I touched it. It was kind of like a small white solid. I'm really worried that I might have an std. Does all these symptoms indicate something? Please help me


I recommend that you see see your primary care doctor. In general, what you are originally describing, the red spots on the penis that started right after sex, do indeed sound like a yeast infection. Most other sexually transmitted infections take a bit longer to develop symptoms, and the time course sounds right for yeast. Furthermore, things got better with the medication that was prescribed for yeast. However, this new rash could be something else and needs to be investigated more closely. In particular, the sexually transmitted infection that could cause symptoms like those you are describing now is syphilis. Syphilis can cause a rash that spreads over the entire body and that can involve the palms of the hands, which most rashes do not. Also, syphilis can cause white spots inside the mouth like those you described. Therefore, I would get back in to see your primary care doctor. If they feel your symptoms are potentially consistent with syphilis, they will be able to perform testing to rule this out. They will also be able to consider other potential causes of your symptoms, such as an allergic rash or eczema. Regardless of what testing turns up, your doctor will be able to provide you with the necessary treatment so that you can put this issue behind you.

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