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"How does a doctor "run the bowel" laparoscopically? "

ZocdocAnswersHow does a doctor "run the bowel" laparoscopically?


I want to know what tools they use? I am guessing it is not the same as an open procedure. When doing an umbilical herniorrhaphy do doctors usually "run the bowel" if it is done laporscopically and how?


Thank you for this interesting question. In order to best answer your question, it is important to know more clinical context. For instance, it is unclear to me if you are considering an open versus laparoscopic surgical procedure and, if so, for what indication. Given the complexity of these procedures, I strongly encourage you to discuss your concerns with a general surgeon. An open surgical procedure refers to a surgery in which a scalpel is used to make an incision in the area of interest. The different skin and subcutaneous layers are separated until the area of interest is exposed. Typically, the incision must be large enough to accommodate fingers and other tools. In laparoscopic surgery, small incisions are using to insert a camera and other tools into the area of interest. This typically involves smaller incisions and often faster recovery times as well as less pain. Running bowel means examining every inch of the intestine to examine it for abnormalities. Often, if there is concern for bowel injury or perforation, running the bowel is necessary to fully exclude this possibility. This can be done manually in an open procedure or using small pincers in a laparoscopic procedure. I encourage you to discuss this further with a general surgeon.

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