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"Why am I running a low grade fever?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy am I running a low grade fever?


I am on my 4th round of antiobotics. I was first diagnosed with a sinus infection, then an upper respiratory infection, then bronchitis, now another sinus infection. I am still running a low grade fever off and on, and still just do not feel very well. One doctor did do an xray of my lungs, and said he did see some stuff in my lungs, but didn't think it was pneumonia. I am just wondering if the doctors are missing something.


I think that the most likely reason that you have not gotten better is that your infection is not due to bacteria, so I recommend that you schedule an appointment with an infectious disease physician. If you had a significant viral infection, for example a very bad case of the flu, then it might be that you are just having a difficult time getting over this infection. Often times physicians will prescribe antibiotics when somebody feels bad, but that does not mean that they will work. They will only work if you have a bacterial infection. Sometimes bacteria can infect the sinuses, but an upper respiratory tract infection and bronchitis would probably not be helped by antibiotics. If your fevers are still ongoing well long after the typical flu or other viral infection would last, then you should undergo a workup for fevers of unknown origin. This includes ruling out causes of your fevers such as autoimmune disorders or inflammatory disorders. The best physician to consult with for fever of unknown origin is infectious disease physician. This physician will likely send off tests for viral infections, tests for autoimmune or inflammatory conditions, and perhaps a CT scan of the abdomen and pelvis to look for other abnormalities that might be responsible for your fevers. I hope that answer helps.

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