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"How much Oxymorphone is 60 mg of Oxycodone equal to?"

ZocdocAnswersHow much Oxymorphone is 60 mg of Oxycodone equal to?


My husband has complex regional pain syndrome and will never walk again. He has been tapering off of oxymorphone and his pain management dr. Just switched him to oxycodone. I know oxycodone is converted to oxymorphone in the liver but what is the conversion 60 mg of oxycodone = how much oxymorphone??


I recommend that he discuss this with a pain specialist. Unfortunately, there is no exact easy way to convert oxymorphone taken by mouth to oxycodone also taken by mouth. I can tell you that 60 mg of oxycodone is equal to 3 mg of oxymorphone if the oxymorphone is taken by IV. What this means is that oxycodone is not nearly as potent as oxymorphone when comparing the different routes of administration. The other issue is whether or not the oxycodone is being given by extended release or by immediate release. The real question in the end is whether or not his pain is controlled on that dose of oxycodone. With that dose, his physicians are probably considering placing him on a certain amount of long acting oxycodone also known as OxyContin. If somebody required 60 mg of oxycodone a day, I would probably give that person at least 15 mg of OxyContin twice per day and 30 mg of oxycodone to be taken as needed for breakthrough pain. Keep in mind that complex regional pain syndrome is often better treated with other pain modalities such as topical ketamine or ketamine infusions. For this problem, he definitely needs to be followed by the a pain specialist who has an interest in complex regional pain syndrome and knows how to treat it.

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