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"Is traditional Chinese medicine a good way to treat prostatitis?"

ZocdocAnswersIs traditional Chinese medicine a good way to treat prostatitis?


I have acquired prostatitis. after taking antibiotics for about 3 months, and it always recur. how about the TCM? such as "diuretics and anti-inflammatory pill"? does it really work?


If you truly have prostatitis, that is an infection of the prostate gland, and a Western physician would likely not recommend any treatment approach that did not address the problem directly. I recommend you discuss your concern with a urologist. The use of diuretics and anti-inflammatories certainly would not help prostatitis assuming that it is an infectious problem. There is such a thing as sterile prostatitis but this is rare and I would never assume that this was the case and you without direct proof. What should happen in your case is your doctors should determine why you continue to have recurrent prostatitis. Obviously the antibiotics were needed but if you always have a recurrence than there must be some reason for that. For this, you need to see a specialist. I would suggest that you schedule an appointment with a urologist. Your urologist will review your records that will likely also perform a cystoscopy to look for any problems up in the bladder that could be the cause for this problem. In addition, you might consider a consultation with an infectious disease doctor who is skilled at treating bacterial infections that are refractory to treatment. It could be that you just on the wrong antibiotic. Because of the possibility of serious damage to your prostate without treatment, please speak to a doctor soon.

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