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"Can I masturbate with a high risk pregnancy?"

ZocdocAnswersCan I masturbate with a high risk pregnancy?


I have pcos been trying to get pregnant for 1.5 year after weight loss and exercising I finally got pregnant with spontaneous ovulation no medications required. My dr prescribed glucophage 1000 mg a day, prednisolone 5 mg a day, proluton one injection once a week(I spotted on my week 6) and folic acid 5 mg a day. I did an eco on 6 weeks 1 day and everything was normal and my dr catched a heartbeat. I am now 8 weeks 3 days and my dr told us to stop having sex from the day I knew I was pregnant my question is can I have masturbation without penetration or is orgasm harmful? baby comes firat but m having very high libido...


So sorry to hear about your predicament. This is definitely something that you should discuss with your doctor as he or she has already given you very specific instructions. While there are some differences between penetration and the stimulation that comes with self induced orgasms, you will need to clarify with your doctor to understand what he or she was intending when you were given your previous instructions. This situation is something that your doctor will likely expect, given that many women will experience an increased libido during pregnancy. For that reason, you should definitely feel comfortable discussing it with your doctor. Likely, it will also be a question that your significant other will appreciate having clarified as well, given that normal gestation would otherwise be quite long. Please speak about this with your doctor especially since you have been trying for so long to get pregnant and were successful, and know that this is a very important and appropriate question to direct to your doctor.

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