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"I feel breast pain, what could be the cause?"

ZocdocAnswersI feel breast pain, what could be the cause?


Hello doctor, my TSH level is 0.775 micro IU/ml and Free T4 is 1.01 ng/ml. I am facing breast pain as well and I have 2 aunts with breast cancer. Could you please let me know about my disease?


Thank you for this question, but there is much more information that is needed, so it is important to discuss your concern with your doctor. There are many potential explanations for breast pain. Each of these will vary significantly based on your age and overall health. For example, in a nursing woman, mastitis can be a common cause of breast pain that usually requires antibiotics and other therapies to return to optimal health and avoid complications. On the other hand, in older women, changes in the tissue of the breast can cause some pain. Many of these changes can be benign, but some of them require more serious attention. You have indicated that you have a family history of breast cancer, and so you will understand how important it is to work closely with your doctor to have your complaints examined and make sure that you are well. Depending on a host of other factors, it is possible that this is something much more simple, but you will need to discuss this in more detail with your doctor before you are able to feel more comfortable about your symptoms. With regards to your thyroid hormone levels, there are some links between breast changes and thyroid abnormalities, but these are not usually related. Again, please speak with your doctor.

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