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"What's wrong with my eye?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat's wrong with my eye?


Eye getting red in inner corner, seems dry all the time, a little itchy, it has NO discharge though. It doesn't really hurt either bit seems to be a cyst like bump on the internal part of eyelid. It's not really visible but can be felt by fingertip. This bump is a little tender when I close my eyes or blink a litter tighter then usual. But other then that there's no pain. My eye has also been twitching and it feels like there is something in it, but the dryness of the eye is more irritating then anything else. Drops aren't helping much. Went to doc today and they have me started on erythromycin ointment three times daily in affected eye and penicillin four times daily by mouth. Said it could be conjunctivitis but they use ointment for many eye infections? What does this sound like?


Thank you for the question and sorry to hear about your problem. There are several different things that could explain your symptoms. Obviously, your doctor that is treating you currently has an advantage over any information that we are able to provide, as he or she is able to ask you more questions and see what you are describing. Please follow his or her recommendations first and foremost, and direct future questions to him or her. In general, any insult to your eye or cornea can result in a sensation of irritation or dryness similar to what you are describing. It is therefore hard to say what it may be. Your doctor seems to be treating it as if it were a traumatic injury or infection, and he or she may have other information that corroborates this. Other things such as pinguecula can come from chronic dry eyes and result in a small bump that can be red and irritating as well. The overuse of contact lenses or other things that decrease the moisture of your eye can exacerbate these problems that you describe. Please speak with your doctor more about your question, and follow his or her recommendations until you are well.

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