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Does the scab of a cauterized nosebleed have to be scraped or can it be left alone?

Whenever the Dr. scrapes the scab it bleeds again.
Thank you for your question. I recommend that you discuss this with your doctor. Nose bleeds, or epistaxis, are an annoyance for most people, but can be life threatening for others. In general, the best thing for a patient to do after having nasal cautery is to leave the area completely alone. Your doctor may be examining the scab to determine if there is further bleeding underneath that will happen in the next few days, and may be intending to save you from having to make another visit in the near future. That being said, there is definitely a fine line to walk between taking off the scab and leaving it well enough alone. Too much trauma to the septum can cause some problems such as a nasal septal perforation, which your doctor will obviously be trying to prevent in all of your treatment. If you have specific concerns about a problem, then you may need to see a specialist. Ear nose and throat surgeons, also known as ENT, also known as otolaryngology head and neck surgeons are best qualified to manage this sort of problem when it becomes something that does not improve rapidly. Please speak with your doctor about this question to see if it is appropriate for you to see a specialist.
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