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"Can you take Zantrex while on Suboxone? "

ZocdocAnswersCan you take Zantrex while on Suboxone?


I understand that diet pills in general are not recommended, but putting that aside will there be a negative result if I take it while on suboxone.


Suboxone is a medication to treat narcotic drug dependence by acting as a partial agonist at the body's opiate receptors. For specific questions about suboxone use and its interactions with other medications and supplements, it is important for you to schedule an appointment with your doctor to review your particular concerns. As mentioned above, suboxone is a partial agonist at certain opiate receptors in the brain and body. This is the same receptor group where heroine and oral narcotics (such as oxycodone/oxycontin) bind and cause the "high" that people get when they take them. However, because suboxone is already bound to these receptors, people do not get the same high from these other drugs if they take them. At the same time, suboxone helps people wean themselves off of narcotics, because it still has some enhancing activity at this receptor, thus reducing withdrawal symptoms. Because it does have this activating activity, one concern with suboxone is the potential for over-sedation. Although it has been shown to cause less sedation than methadone, it can still cause sedation and respiratory depression. This is why it is so important to avoid other depressants, such as alcohol, which can potentiate these sedating effects. On the other hand, Zantrex is a supplement that has many agents that activate the sympathetic nervous system and would counteract the sedation that can be caused by suboxone. Of the ingredients in Zantrex, none is known to interact with suboxone. However, it is possible that they share enzymes that break down these two tablets, thus increasing or decreasing the amount of suboxone in your body. If you are noticing any side effects that you were not experiencing while on suboxone alone, especially sedation, or conversely, withdrawal symptoms, it will be very important for you to stop taking Zantrex. Again, I recommend meeting with your doctor so that he or she can review any particular concerns you have about drug interactions while on suboxone.

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