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"I have headache in the right temple everyday, what could it be?"

ZocdocAnswersI have headache in the right temple everyday, what could it be?


I have headaches in my right temple everyday. Its very painful and can get very stressing when I'm working and trying to work on artwork. I'm 20 and I still live with my mom. She told me she thinks its caused by my broken molar that's on the right side as well. She says the nerve in the tooth is showing and that's what's causing it. But I have a broken molar on the left as well, and will be heading to my appointment in two days. So I'm thinking its not the tooth its something else. Cause I get pain on the back of my neck just bellow the back of my head. It feels like a pressure that you get before cracking your knuckles but worse. The pain in my right temple starts out faint but gets worse within minutes and can bring me to tears. I take motren and it helps take it away for a few hours but when it wears off the pain soon returns. I get stressed and frustrated that I feel like I can't do anything cause of it. What could be causing these frequent right temple headaches "EVERYDAY"???


Ouch!! That sounds like quite a painful experience, and I am glad to hear that you are headed to get some input within the next couple of days. It is important to discuss it with a doctor. Certainly, nerves can become sensitized during times of insult from another location, which can then serve as a trigger for pains felt in other areas. This is common for those who have migraines, as they can have a pain or a fatigue or even a food that can lead to a headache that can become quite debilitating. If you are also having nausea, photophobia (or light sensitivity), or are incapacitated by the pain that you are experiencing, then it could be that what you describe is coming from a migraine. This is especially likely to be true if migraines run in your family, as such people have a higher than average chance of having a migraine. It is also possible that your headache could be from something else. Cluster and tension headaches are also somewhat common, and have classic definitions that you can read about and determine if you are likely to have either. There are other causes of headache as well, some of which are serious. Again, please speak with your doctor.

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