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"I have a very small bump (about the size of a pea) on my labia next to my clitoris, what could it be?"

ZocdocAnswersI have a very small bump (about the size of a pea) on my labia next to my clitoris, what could it be?


It is sensitive to the touch but not painful, is flesh-toned, and feels solid. Could this possibly be caused by an STD, and should I go to my doctor to have it examined? Thanks for the help!


Thank you for your question regarding genital lesions. It is difficult to hypothesize the source of this bump without a proper physical examination. Therefore, it is important that you visit your doctor who will be able to visually inspect the area. An STD could certainly be a possibility, especially if you are sexually active and not using protection. Genital herpes look like vesicles--small fluid filled, round blisters that can burst and leave behind painful ulcers. Warts can look like small bumps the color of your skin or may be cauliflower-like in appearance. That being said, this bump on your labia could be benign as well. Cysts can be common in the area, especially if the genital area is being shaved. Often, warm compresses and time will lead to clearing of the cyst. Other times, the cyst can become infected and may need to be opened and drained. There are glands in the vaginal area that are known to sometimes develop into cysts. Bartholin's glands are one example-- two pea sized glands located in the vaginal area that are responsible for producing vaginal lubrication. Visit your doctor who can help you better understand the cause of this genital bump.

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