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"My mom suffers from multiple sclerosis, how long does she have?"

ZocdocAnswersMy mom suffers from multiple sclerosis, how long does she have?


Hi, my mom suffers from Multiple sclerosis. She's deaf in one ear, has 5 lesions on her brain, retinal degeneration. Blind in both eyes, except a small slither of sight in both eyes. Staring to loose bladder control. Little balance, low blood pressure. About 60 bmp resting. She's 64, in frail care at an old age home. Weight, about 150 lbs, height 1,5 m. Recently got arthritis. How long does she have?


I can assure you that there are no doctors that can tell you how much longer your mother has to live. I recommend that she speak with a neurologist. In general, multiple sclerosis does not limit someone's life or cause death per se. It is a neurological disease that causes significant disability in some cases as your mom has experienced. However, it does not tend to affect other organ systems other than possibly the kidneys if there are recurrent bladder infections from a neurogenic bladder. The more likely case is that your mother's frail state and the condition of her other organ systems such as her heart, lungs, and liver are the key determinants for how much longer she is going to live. I would encourage you and her to focus more on quality of life than exactly how much longer she is going to live. There are multiple treatment options for multiple sclerosis and the options continue to expand all the time. I would suggest that she schedule an appointment with a neurologist that specializes and multiple sclerosis. These days, you need to focus on this one disease in order to know all that is going on in terms of the new treatments. Most of the time these types of physicians are at large academic institutions; good luck.

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