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"How does cancer affect our body?"

ZocdocAnswersHow does cancer affect our body?


what is cancer? how does it affect our body? are there kinds of it?


Interesting question and I recommend discussing it further with your doctor. Cancer is when normal cells experience changes that make them resistant to normal controls and instead allows them to spread to other areas of the body in a destructive fashion. While this is a very simple definition, it describes the fact that cancer cells become "immortal," meaning that they do not die when they are supposed to die. Additionally, they can grow without being checked, which leads them to take energy from other cells. They grow in a disorganized fashion, which means that the cells are not effective at performing normal functions. As they grow and steal energy, they can lead to local destruction. At some point, they can spread to other parts of the body, where the same cycle begins again. Once cancers have spread to other body parts, they become much harder to treat. Any cell can become dysregulated and become a cancer, although some cells are more prone to these changes. Depending on the type of cell that becomes dysregulated, the cancer will have different properties and be more or less difficult to treat. Please speak with your doctor about this question and what you can do to decrease your risks of cancer.

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