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"Why do I have a lump on my breast ?"


It hurts when I touch it and also the spot is red I'm 16 years old what should I do ?


Lumps are a common complaint across a range of ages and can have a number of possible diagnoses. I suggest you seek a consultation with your physician to better describe your symptoms. You should be prepared to answer some common questions regarding breast lumps.

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These include: timing of your lump (when did you first notice it?), has it changed in size or consistency since you first noticed it, do you have any associated nipple discharge, is there any pain or tenderness, does it change with your menstrual cycle, do you have a family history of breast cancer? A breast lump can be caused by any number of conditions. It may be normal fibrocystic tissue in your breast that changes in accordance with your hormonal cycle. Alternatively, you may have a breast cyst (a collection of fluid that is well encapsulated), a fibroadenoma (a benign tumor of breast tissue), or a lipoma (a benign tumor of fat cells). Other diagnoses include an abscess (a collection of pus formed by your body to attempt to wall off infection), a phyllodes tumor (a breast tumor that has the potential to become malignant), or breast cancer. It is not possible to receive a diagnosis without being evaluated by your physician. I suggest you make an appointment for further consultation regarding a diagnosis and management plan.

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