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"Why is there a bump inside my tongue?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy is there a bump inside my tongue?


It's been there for more than a year It looks white inside my tongue (hard to tell) Doesn't hurt but is annoying


This is an interesting question, with your symptoms potentially having many different causes. You will need to speak with your doctor about this, as some of the potential causes can be very serious. On the other hand, some of the more common causes have very simple explanations. For example, if you have ever had surgery or trauma to your tongue, that can cause some scarring that can result in a bump. Other common causes include myriad infections that can all either cause problems in the mouth or leave scars in the mouth that can feel like bumps. More simple trauma such as repeated tongue biting or scraping of the tongue against a tooth can also lead to some of the symptoms that you are describing. Beyond these simple answers, there are many other things as well. Of course one of the more concerning things that any bump could be is cancer. Most often, cancers will slowly (or quickly) grow, can result in pain, and even can make some bleeding happen. Oral cancers can often be related to smoking or drinking as well, and if you have a history of that it could be more concerning. Please speak with your doctor about these symptoms you have had.

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