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"My 6 year old is using the restroom every 30 minutes, should I took her to a doctor?"

ZocdocAnswersMy 6 year old is using the restroom every 30 minutes, should I took her to a doctor?


My 6 year old daughter has been using the restroom about every 30 minutes since late last week and has wet her bed twice, which she does not usually do. We just took her to the local GP and they said that nothing was wrong with her. There have been no changes in her diet and no stressful events. Is there something else we should be looking at or asking the doctor?


Yes, there is the possibility that she could be having a urinary tract infection. Hopefully, your GP would have considered this as a possible explanation for the symptoms that your daughter is having, but there is the chance that he or she did not. If they did not discuss it with you, then it may be appropriate to call and ask if any testing was completed to look for a urinary tract infection. UTIs are not very common in young children, but they can happen. When they do, they can be overlooked due to children not having experience with the symptoms of urgency and frequency as well as dysuria that adults are more familiar with. Additionally, they may not have the verbage or comfort level to express these symptoms even if present. Another thing that may contribute to urinary frequency can be constipation, which is common in many children in this age group. Your doctor may talk to you about this as well. There are many different potential explanations for the symptoms that your daughter is experiencing, and some of them may not be just physical reasons. Speaking with her doctor or pediatrician is a great way to get answers. Please speak with her doctor.

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