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"Did a brown recluse bite me?"

ZocdocAnswersDid a brown recluse bite me?


I had a small dry spot of skin on my hand that, within days, blistered and spread to about the size of a half dollar. When I first noticed it, it had two small pin holes which I associated with an insect or spider bite. I went to the doctor and he named it cellulitis and have me antibiotics to take. I'm have one day left of the antibiotics, a they have healed the original wound and no new blisters have formed. However, now I have small bumps surrounding the initial area as well as on my other hand and elsewhere on my body. I don't necessarily want to go back to the Dr. due to not having health insurance. Any ideas?


Thanks for your question. It is often not clear what the initial injury is that starts some of the common skin injuries that people associate with spider and other insect bites. In most cases, this is not necessary to be properly treated and to make sure that you recover fully. It is good that your original wound has healed, but I am not sure what you are describing by talking about these other bumps. Sometimes people will have allergic reactions to some of the different antibiotics that they take, and it could be that you are simply having a reaction. Alternatively, there could be many other explanations that could clarify what is happening. It is important to speak with your doctor about this question to know for sure what the next best step can or should be. For those who don't have insurance, this sort of problem can often be resolved with a phone call, as your doctor should be able to make some suggestions without needing to see you in person depending on how severe your symptoms are. There are some common findings with poisonous bites that can be found online, but please speak with your doctor.

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