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"I used to pull my hair, will it ever grow back?"

ZocdocAnswersI used to pull my hair, will it ever grow back?


I have had an issue with pulling my beard hairs out, and now it seems that there is a small patch on my chin that isn't growing in, will it be like this forever!?


That is a great question and one that is best answered by your primary care doctor or another medical professional specialized in hair regrowth. He or she will be best able to evaluate the cause of this patch without hair and decide what are the appropriate treatment options available, he or she may also decide to do further testing to figure out the cause of this. Unfortunately, there is not enough information in the history to know exactly what the cause of this could be (your age, comorbidities, etc) it may be that pulling out the hairs may have caused this. Here are questions to consider when you discuss this issue with your doctor. Have you noticed that the patch is in the region where you normally pulled out your hair? Do you have any sensation changes in that area (is it numb, etc)? While you wait to see your doctor, I would suggest that you try various techniques to break the habit of pulling out beard hair as there is a potential that this is causing you these symptoms and you do not want to exacerbate this situation if it is indeed causing you to have this bald patch.

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