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"Could someone live with an extra piece of spine with muscle wrapped around it?"

ZocdocAnswersCould someone live with an extra piece of spine with muscle wrapped around it?


I have a 7 month old infant who has had this knot on her back next to her spine and until her 6 month check up when i found out she was delayed i didn't say anything i mean her doctor always checked her back and never said anything so i just thought ok its fine until 6 months anyways from my understanding she has a straight spine then coming off of it to the right is another piece of spine with muscle wrapped around it well my doctor has never seen anything like this before and the ER doctor at childrens hospital found it intersting and came across like it was a big deal but when referred to an orthepedic surgeon he comes across like its not big deal so my question ... has anyone seen this before and would it be something someone could just live with or would it need to be fixed i mean shes 7 months old and cant roll over sit up and hates to be on her back im concered and afraid this other doctor is acting like nothing when it can effeect my child forever.


I'm sorry to hear that you are in the middle of sorting this out, and I definitely understand your concerns. I would say that working with the orthopedic specialist at your local children's hospital will be the best way to have your concerns answered. I'm not totally sure what the exact finding on the radiology studies was, but there is clearly a spinal abnormality. Your orthopedic doctor will first want to rule out a condition called spinal bifida, which would be the most serious and common cause of this kind of deformity. Sometimes this requires advanced radiology studies, such as an MRI of the spine, to fully clarify the situation. Spinal bifida can be associated with developmental delay, and especially with delay in attaining motor milestones like sitting and walking. Your child is only seven months old, so it is probably ok that she can't sit alone, but she should be able to roll over. If your orthopedic doctor doesn't think this spine finding is spinal bifida or something else to be concerned about, then you should work with your regular pediatrician to figure out if any additional workup for delayed motor milestones is needed at this time.

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