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"I pulled a muscle and still feel extreme pain. Could it be more than a pulled muscle?"

ZocdocAnswersI pulled a muscle and still feel extreme pain. Could it be more than a pulled muscle?


I pulled a muscle over a month ago, specifically a glute right side and I still have extreme pain when bending in the morning after laying a while or sleeping, and frequently while at work, is it more then a pulled muscle? Figure its been too long... also the pain goes from my butt down to my knee and foot


You mention that you pulled a muscle about a month ago and have since experienced extreme pain. I recommend that you see your primary care doctor or an orthopedic doctor. You also mention that the pain travels down to the knee and foot. Though you may have pulled a muscle initially, it does not usually last for over a month. It usually would just take a few days with rest and pain medicine to get better. Also, pulling a muscle does not usually cause pain going down the knee and foot. The possible etiologies of your symptoms could be related to bone, tendon/ligaments, or nerves. Bone fractures are possible which could explain the extreme pain that is still present after a month. With any injury, a tendon or ligament injury could also be possible which are the attachments for muscle onto the bone. The joint in the area could also be dislocated or malpositioned after the injury. Nerve pain such as sciatica which is a pinched nerve could explain your symptoms of pain traveling down your leg. A herniated disc is also possible in the back which is causing your pain. Again, you should make an appointment to see your primary care doctor or an orthopedic doctor. They can examine you and recommend further testing if needed, such as an MRI.

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