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"Is this an effective way to prevent nasal polyp?"

ZocdocAnswersIs this an effective way to prevent nasal polyp?


I'm Suffering from nasal polyp for last 6 years I'm 54 years old,After trying many medicine I'm taking a home made treatment.Horseradish root with honey every morning and night.Should i take horseradish without root only the plant with honey or should i take root with honey..And yesterday i started taking those mixture.I have eaten this in morning and evening yesterday.But today morning I'm felling my polyp is frozen or stuck or dried..[My bad English,so i can't explain properly.sorry]. And creating problem to breathing...Do you guys think that my polyp drying in my nose cause of the mixture ?? if yes than what should i do ?? and is there any other method to prevent polyp naturally or home remedy ?? Also , I rising warn water in my nose is this good ? and some people say to me that i should rising cold water in my nose,but I'm not doing it..because i think cold water will increase my cold and cough and polyp will grow larger . Is this right ??? [ Sorry for my bad English]


Thank you for your question. If I understand right, you believe that you have a growth in your nose that is making it difficult for you to breath. You have been treating this for some time with a combination of different home remedies in hopes of controlling the size of the growth, but nothing seems to be working. Therefore I would suggest that you see a doctor. Growths in the nose are not normal, and do require medical treatment in a majority of cases. If your growth truly is a polyp, there are some cases where medical therapy such as an intranasal steroid can be effective at reducing the size of the polyp. This is because polyps are usually the body's response to inflammation, and steroids are effective at reducing inflammation. Nasal saline can also help some people. It would not be wise to begin treatment without speaking with a doctor, however, and so I recommend that you do so. Large polyps often require removal, both to improve symptoms and also to allow for correct diagnosis (that is, to make sure that the growth is not something more serious than a polyp). In any case, please speak with your doctor about your question.

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