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"Why do I have lumps on my scalp? What is the problem with my scalp?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy do I have lumps on my scalp? What is the problem with my scalp?


I have a series of lumps on almost of my whole head. I have been using different shampoos just to see if the anti-dandruff kind of shampoo helps to make it better. It also has the kind of dried skin and it is not dandruff. It sometimes get itchy and hurts when pressed on or scratched. I'm kind of freaked out as to why it is happening because it only happened after I went swimming. I was wondering if there is a cure for this as it hurts a lot and it gets irritating sometimes because of the dried skin. Help?


Thank you for your question. There are many different possible answers, and you will need to speak with your doctor if these symptoms are persisting. The fact that you suggest that your symptoms all started close to each other after a single episode of swimming suggests that perhaps this is some sort of reaction to something that you have done. While there are obviously chemicals that are used to treat pools and keep them clean, which you may have reacted to, there is also the fact that usually people are getting more sun when they are swimming. This can result in sunburns in any body part or skin that is exposed for too much time without enough protection. In cases of sunburn of the scalp, it is common for there to be extra flaking of the skin of the scalp that can have the appearance of dandruff. At times this can bunch up as well and result in lumps. There are also other reasons for lumps after swimming and increased environmental exposure, most of which should resolve quickly and with good care. As there are some other things that are more serious and permanent that could also cause this, please speak with your doctor.

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