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"My iron serum and saturation are high, while UBIC low, TIBC okay. Is something wrong?"

ZocdocAnswersMy iron serum and saturation are high, while UBIC low, TIBC okay. Is something wrong?


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It is not possible to tell what your iron status is without specific numbers or values to these tests, which is why the best thing to do is to review these results with your primary care physician. However, generally speaking, if your serum iron and saturation is low with a low unsaturated iron binding capacity (UIBC), then you are not likely to be iron deficient. Iron deficiency results in a combination of a high total iron binding capacity (TIBC), a low iron, and a high UIBC. Iron toxicity can occur in conditions such as hemochromatosis (which is a genetic condition of elevated iron elves in the blood) and with conditions that require frequent blood transfusions (such as sickle cell anemia). Finally, it can occur with people that take too many iron supplements (such as prenatal vitamins). Your values could be indicative of elevated iron levels, though I can't tell from the description. TIBC can be low or normal with iron toxicity. The key test that you need is a serum ferritin which can tells your whole body iron stores. Again, I suggest that you review these results with your primary care physician. If the values of your serum iron are high and your ferritin is high, then you might review the supplements you are taking with your doctor. If hemochromatosis is suspect, then your doctor might decide to perform a genetic test for this condition.

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