ZocdocAnswersCan I experience HIV symptoms 10 days later?


Can I experience HIV symptoms 10 days later?

Had sex,been worried..her said he was clean but 10 days after I started worrying and had joint pain, woke up unable to breathe,and stomach ache.


Any new symptoms that you develop shortly after a sexual encounter that is with someone that you don't know can be very worrisome, so it is important to schedule an appointment with your physician. Acute HIV is a syndrome that occurs in about 50% of people who become infected with HIV. It is a syndrome that typically includes fever, swollen lymph nodes, joint aches, myalgias or muscle aches, and sometimes stomach problems. Some people also report a rash. In general it can be very difficult to distinguish between acute HIV and the flu. Generally acute HIV occurs between two and four weeks after becoming infected. Thus, 10 days is a little bit early but within the timeframe possible. Difficulty breathing and stomachaches are very nonspecific problems and attributing them to HIV is probably not the first thing I would think of at this time. Nevertheless, you deserve to have an HIV test. I would suggest you schedule upon it with your primary care physician. Your physician can draw blood in the office and send an HIV ELISA test which is a screen to look for exposure to HIV. In addition, you can be screened for other STDs. I think the chances of this coming back positive based on a single sexual encounter is quite low. The risk of getting HIV from a single encounter of unprotected vaginal sex is somewhere between 1 and 400 and 1 in 800.

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