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"Why could cause bleeding in the first couple of months of pregnancy?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy could cause bleeding in the first couple of months of pregnancy?


I am about 2 to 3 months pregnant just found out today and I have been bleeding for the past tow months is that normal or okay


You have vaginal bleeding associated with a pregnancy. Vaginal bleeding during a pregnancy isn't normal and you should follow up with your OBGYN doctor for your symptoms. Bleeding during a pregnancy can be a sign of a threatened abortion or inevitable abortion. Both can lead to a loss of pregnancy. The difference between the two is whether the opening of the cervix (cervical os) is open or closed. A threatened abortion causes vaginal bleeding and the cervical os is closed. An inevitable abortion also causes vaginal bleeding and the cervical os is open. You should make an appointment with your OBGYN doctor as soon as possible. You should get an ultrasound to determine whether there is an intrauterine pregnancy to rule out an ectopic pregnancy. You should also get labs drawn to get a beta HCG level. Your doctor will also do a pelvic exam to determine if your cervical os is open or closed. It is premature to tell you exactly what is going on but if you do have another episode of vaginal bleeding, fevers, severe abdominal pain, or lightheadedness before your appointment with your OBGYN doctor, you should go to your local emergency room.

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