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"I am having dark green watery stool, is there something wrong with me?"

ZocdocAnswersI am having dark green watery stool, is there something wrong with me?


It's only been a few hours but I've had dark green watery stool and my bowel movements are frequent. I stupidly ate bacon last night for dinner, only a few pieces, and I've been drinking grape juice a lot lately. I do have mild, very mild stomach pains but I'm just wondering if I should be concerned.


It sounds like you're having some diarrhea, and I recommend that you speak with your doctor. There are many causes of acute diarrhea (meaning diarrhea that's lasted less than several weeks), but the most common is a bad reaction to a food or to an infection. Some people are sensitive to certain types of foods, including foods with lactate or high fat content. Bacon in and of itself is not known to cause diarrhea but it could be a food that you individually don't tolerate very well. In terms of infections, most infections that cause diarrhea are viral (also called viral gastroenteritis) and will go away on their own within a couple days. You can also develop diarrhea if you ingest a toxin, a bacteria, or a parasite. Toxin-causing diarrhea will also only last hours to days and will then go away. A bacterial infection may last longer and may be accompanied by fevers and can also cause blood in your stools. Given how short the duration of your symptoms has been it will likely improve on its own; however, you should go see your primary care doctor if your diarrhea persists for several days, if you develop fevers, chills, or blood in your diarrhea. Make sure to drink lots of fluids (preferably something with electrolytes like gatorade) and to eat a simple diet (BRAT diet - bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast); you should also go see your doctor if you develop dizziness, light-headedness, confusion or weakness.

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