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"Why can't I properly flex my abdomen or suck in my stomach? "

ZocdocAnswersWhy can't I properly flex my abdomen or suck in my stomach?


Stretching/pressure applied when leaning on something can be painful


Thank you for your interesting question. Pain in the abdomen is something that can be quite common. While there are often very simple answers that can explain your symptoms, it is important to realize that many problems can occur in the abdomen and can present initially with what appears to be vague abdominal pain. You should therefore discuss this question with your doctor. He or she will likely begin by trying to pin down what part of your abdomen is hurting. The right lower quadrant is infamous for being the site of pain associated with appendicitis. The left lower quadrant is often associated with constipation or colitis. The right upper quadrant can be associated with gall bladder problems. The left upper quadrant is the home of the spleen. Back pain is often associated with kidney problems, and other organs and organ systems that lie in the retroperitoneum. Depending on the site of the pain, your doctor will have some useful information. Not being able to suck in your belly can be a sign of irritation of the lining of the abdominal cavity, or it can be a sign of some injury to the muscles themselves. Please speak with your doctor.

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