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"I'm 22 weeks pregnant and went on amusement park rides. What kind of damage could I have done?"

ZocdocAnswersI'm 22 weeks pregnant and went on amusement park rides. What kind of damage could I have done?


Is brain damage possible to the unborn child because of this? I have had no bleeding or pain.


First of all, I would encourage you to never do that again. Riding an amusement park ride while you're pregnant can cause significant damage to you and your fetus. Of course I'm saying this imagining the highest, fastest, and most extreme roller coaster. If the ride was a simple merry-go-round or a simple carousel and this is probably not the case, though there's no way for me to tell. It the ride was extreme enough, then you could have done brain damage to your fetus. It is possible to do damage to the placenta, but this would usually results in significant vaginal bleeding afterwards. Any case, I would suggest that you schedule an appointment with your OB/GYN for further assessment. Your OB/GYN will make an assessment of what to do next based on the description of the ride that you took and the presence of any symptoms after such as vaginal bleeding. I think that I pelvic ultrasound or an abdominal ultrasound to look at the integrity of the fetus and the placenta is probably in order. In addition, you and your doctor can discuss the do's and don'ts for the rest of your pregnancy to protect you and your baby.

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