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"Why hasn't my coughing gone away after 2 months?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy hasn't my coughing gone away after 2 months?


I've been coughing for almost 2 months and it goes away then comes back I mostly get it during the night and morning and its the first time I've had this for a long time I don't have fever or anything what does that mean and what can I do so it goes away?


Thank you for your question. Short answer is that there are many possible explanations for a persistent cough. Some of them are serious and need medical treatment, and some of them need time. The key is that any persistent symptom, such as the cough that you are describing, needs to be seen by a physician to make sure that it is not something more serious. A cough is generally triggered by cough receptors in the airway. These can be sensitized by many things, and they can become overly sensitive in some people who have been coughing for a long time. Others can have coughs that are simply completed reflexively or out of habit. Others have asthma or other allergies that predispose them to coughing. In others, a viral illness or something similar will sensitize the receptors so that only the smallest trigger is needed to start another cough. Acid reflux is also thought by some to cause chronic coughs in some people. While there are many possible causes, you can work with your physician to come up with some possible answers and explanations. He or she may complete additional testing, or may begin some treatment. Please speak with your doctor.

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