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"In the past 6 months I was diagnosed with Raynaud's disease, had appendicitis, mono and cervical dysplasia. Could it be related or is it just coincidence? "


i am a female in her late twenties who has never had an health issues until my joints began swelling quite painfully and I was sent to a rheumatologist. I also had sores on the tips of my fingers and was diagnosed with raynauds. a month later I had appendicitis. a couple months after that, I had what I thought was a terrible flu but turned out to be a second round of mono. then the high grade cervical dysplasia, with no sign of hpv, happened. is this all weird coincidence or could it be related?


Raynaud's disease is one in which there may be an underlying cause that affects multiple organ systems within the body. In order to fully elucidate your condition, and whether this is the case, it is important that you schedule an appointment to see your doctor, so that he or she can obtain a full history, perform a physical exam, and run any tests that are appropriate. Raynaud's phenomenon is due to constriction of the blood vessels to the hand, which causes decreased blood flow and subsequent pain, discoloration, and even ulcers on the fingers (as you have experienced).

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Some people suffer what is called primary Raynaud's, in which this is the only symptom. However, Raynaud's can also be just one manifestation of an underlying condition that affects multiple organ systems in the body. These conditions include rheumatologic disorders such as lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, Sjogren's syndrome, and scleroderma, to name a few. These disorders also often cause joint swelling and pain, and it could explain the joint swelling that you have been having. On the other hand, none of them would explain the appendicitis, mononucleosis, or cervical dysplasia that you have experienced, and these are likely due to coincidence, and not an underlying condition that ties them all together. Again, it is important that you schedule an appointment to see a rheumatologist in order for him or her to run the appropriate tests (which may include blood tests or x-rays) that will lead to the diagnosis of your Raynaud's and joint swelling. the rest of your medical conditions are most likely unfortunate coincidences.

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