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"What does it mean when theres blood in my bowels?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat does it mean when theres blood in my bowels?


This has been going on for a day, and happens every half hour, but blood is the only thing that seems to be coming out, while this is ocurring I get a real hot dizzy faint feeling and feel like I wanna faint.


Blood from the rectum is a concerning symptom and you should see your primary care doctor as soon as possible. If the blood is dark and black, it could be a sign of an upper gastrointestinal bleed such as a peptic ulcer. If the blood is bright red, it could be from a lower gastrointestinal bleed such as hemorrhoids, diverticulosis, malignancy, mesenteric ischemia, or infection. People with peptic ulcer disease can have a history of heart burn and abdominal pains. An infection with a bacteria called H. Pylori is also possible. Hemorrhoids can occur outside of the anus which is called external hemorrhoids or they can occur inside the anus which are called internal hemorrhoids. Both can cause bleeding; however, internal hemorrhoids do not cause pain. Another cause of painless bleeding is a condition called diverticulosis. Any bleed in an older patient should be ruled out for a possible malignancy such as colon cancer. Mesenteric ischemia is a lack of blood supply to a certain portion of the colon either due to a clot or other vascular diseases. It is usually associated with severe abdominal pain after eating and is associated with rectal bleeding. If you lose a significant amount of blood, you can have symptoms of dizziness, and lightheadedness. You should see your primary care doctor as soon as possible. If you can't see one in a timely fashion, you should go to your emergency room.

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