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"What could this pee-sized lump be and is it infected?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat could this pee-sized lump be and is it infected?


Years ago I had what looked like a zit on my waist line.. I tried to pop it, I felt it pop but it didn't look like it , I think it piped inside ?? Since then it has turned black I tried w a needle once to find what was in there but still just black and the size of a pee what is it


I am sorry this has not cleared up on its own. It is not possible to provide an accurate diagnosis without evaluating this lesion in person, and I recommend you see a dermatologist for additional input. It is possible the original lesion was a pimple. Often, an abscess can appear like a pimple. An abscess is a skin infection in which ongoing infection and tissue destruction leads to a pocket of pus. Even after these are "popped," the infection may not fully clear if the pocket is not allowed to fully drain. Another possibility is that you initially had a sebaceous cyst. This occurs when one of your skin glands becomes occluded, and these area can fill with proteinaceous material over time. "Popping" these cysts again may not lead to full resolution, and they occasionally need surgical extraction if they are causing a cosmetic problem. Your dermatologist will need to evaluate the lesion in order to determine its cause. With any skin lesion characterized by a change in color, it is important for your dermatologist to rule out any form of skin cancer, such as melanoma. These can be life threatening, and it is not possible to determine if this is the cause without seeing the lesion. Therefore, I encourage you to schedule a visit with a dermatologist to talk about these possibilities.

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