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"Why does my tongue feel smooth and a bit numb?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy does my tongue feel smooth and a bit numb?


Hi, my right tongue side, middle to back feels a bit numb and very smooth. It feels like the feeling increases when I'm eating something. I had it for 4 days now... tongue looks quite normal. I haven't seen any doctor for that but I checked my blood pressure with grandmas machine and it was 93/144. I don't really feel any other symptoms... maybe just a bit tired and not eating so much these last couple of days. I hope you can help! Cheers,


This must be a very annoying sensation! As with any change in your baseline health status, the best place to start is with an examination by your physician. There are many things that can cause some of the symptoms you describe, but figuring out what is specifically causing your symptoms will requiring considering your overall health history, medication history, and physical exam. Most notably, several vitamin and mineral deficiencies can cause a smooth or enlarged tongue, including iron deficiency, zinc deficiency, and B12 deficiency. Your diet and age may also play into this, as reproductive age women are often more likely to be iron deficient than the average person because of menstrual blood loss. Your doctor should be able to address whether you are likely to have any vitamin or mineral deficiencies in talking with you. Furthermore, any concerns during your visit can also be addressed with some basic blood work. It will also be important to include a thorough neurological exam as part of your evaluation because the back of the tongue is specifically innervated by one of the cranial nerves; it is necessary to ensure that there are not other subtle neurological deficits that can be identified on exam. Hopefully you will be feeling back to normal in no time, but it is definitely important to take care of this as soon as possible to protect your health!

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