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"I have an open red sore, is it herpes or something worse?"

ZocdocAnswersI have an open red sore, is it herpes or something worse?


Yesterday i notice my inner thigh was sore I had been walking all day so when i got home i seen a red sore so i put a bandage on it I've never had one before in june i had all my test done & everything was 100% clean I am a plus size female weighing about 350 lbs & yesterday I was wearing a skirt thats when i notice the tenderness feeling its no skin covering it its open & red its not big its a small button size


If you are concerned about an abnormal skin lesion on your body, I recommend that you see a healthcare provider for a formal evaluation. There are many causes for skin lesions, and the diagnosis is based on location and appearance. If the lesion appeared on your thigh after a day of walking in a skirt, it is possible this is caused by abrasion, or harsh rubbing of skin edges that led to breakdown and sore of the area. Features associated with an abrasion include raw, open skin, weeping of clear lymph fluid and scabbing after 48-72 hours. It will be painful to touch and is typically located at a pressure point. Other causes can include infection such as herpes, however, these are located typically in the oral and genital region. There is no way to test for herpes on routine evaluation, and diagnosis is made by appearance on the first presentation. If you are sexually active with multiple partners, your risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases increases. Other common causes of isolated sores include bug bites, trauma such as lacerations or bruises, and local infections such as pimples. If the lesion persists, formal evaluation by a doctor would be recommended.

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