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"I've had toe problem for months, what should I do?"

ZocdocAnswersI've had toe problem for months, what should I do?


I first went to my family dr for my swollen red toe cuticle that had started bothering in August. I explained I don't know how I hurt it and he said antibiotics and warm soaks and I should be fine. I took all medications and soaked it and still the same! I went to podiatrist specialist and he just glanced at it and within couple minutes gave me same medication and to keep soaking. He said it was probably a injury that pushed my cuticle back and an infection. I didn't feel good with that answer and went to ER the next day. The ER doctor numbed, cut, and drained my toe! The ER dr said there was barely any pus that came out? It hurt so bad but I really thought my toe would get better! The ER dr also gave me stronger different medication, warm soaks, and a topical. It still not better! It's still red& swollen! can't wear shoes! Also when I stand for like a regular work day I my whole leg/foot hurt now! I'm so scared!


So sorry to hear about this continued problem. Toe complaints can affect quality of life to a great degree. It is especially frustrating in your case because you have been to see multiple physicians at this point and have seemed to follow their recommendations. When this sort of thing happens, you generally have a couple of options: either continue to follow up with the doctors that have been treating your or seek further medical attention elsewhere. Your family doctor is an excellent resource to start the process, and to treat the majority of conditions. Your next step was appropriate, in seeking a specialist. Unfortunately, you were less than satisfied with the result and the treatment from this specialist, and this led you to the emergency department. Unfortunately, that is probably a less effective strategy, unless there was some thing that needed emergent treatment. As their intervention was ineffective, returning to see a specialist is likely the next step. He or she will be able to help you over a period of time, which is likely what it will take to return to full health at this point. He or she will understand the nuances of appropriate care. Please speak to your doctor about finding a podiatrist or orthopedist who can help with your problem.

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