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"I had foot surgery and now one month later I'm in severe pain. Should I go to the ER?"

ZocdocAnswersI had foot surgery and now one month later I'm in severe pain. Should I go to the ER?


on 9/20/2013 i had foot surgery now one month later i'm in severe pain. should i go to the er? I was walking ok after surgery but not i can barely walk without pain


Please speak with your surgeon about this question. In general, it is expected that there should be some pain in the days after surgery. In some situations, this pain can gradually increase for 2 or three days after the surgery, as some of the swelling and inflammation comes and causes increased sensitization to the nerve endings. For this reason, your doctor will usually prescribe appropriate pain medication for the immediate post operative period. In situations where the pain starts to increase after a period of improving for some time, which seems to be the case in your situation, it is important to speak with the surgeon to see if there is a reason or explanation for this. Unfortunately, this can be a sign of a problem or post operative issue. One of the most common following surgery is to have an infection in the surgical site. These may heal rapidly with antibiotics, which your doctor may want to prescribe given the symptoms that you are describing. In other situations, such as when a plate or other hardware has been placed, it can be a sign of hardware failure or something else that has happened. Please speak with your surgeon or go to the ED.

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